Jacquard designs, patterns and textures simulation

The new evolution of fabrics

Designs For Textiles


Nick Media Projects (formerly Nick Media Designs) in late 2020 began the “Designes For Textiles” project with the aim of studying a new methodology and technique to implement the characteristics of jacquard fabrics in the world of virtual textiles and later bringing the various research still into the world of real textiles. From these researches, experimentations and studies in early 2023 we present iJacquard TM a new type of hyper-realistic, highly customizable and dynamic virtual fabric that allows to achieve a realism never seen before in the creation of virtual textiles.


  • micro details of the weave effect of each thread
  • independent customization of warp and weft thread colors
  • 1 to 8 warp colors
  • 1 to 8 weft colors
  • 3D effect intensity adjustment of the weave threads
  • dynamic light reflection
  • adjustment of glossy and matte effect
  • adjustment of Ambient Occlusion effect (micro shadows)
  • adjustment of X and Y size of pattern design
  • adjustment of X,Y,Z rotation in 3D environment
  • adjustment of X and Y position in relation to the object to which the fabric is applied
  • application of fabric deformation effects

all adjustments are possible in real time

Example of application on a couch