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Designs for textiles

Designs For Textiles

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Thanks to our ready-to-use fabric designs and Jacquard designs the textile company will quickly have considerable advantages, because it will be able to take advantage of ready-made messincarte, including reading notes, and all the technical data to be able to put immediately on the loom, renew or increase its catalog in a few minutes, saving a lot of time in the study and realization of fabrics, improving the performance of the company with more chances to increase sales. Discover our (Jacquard) messincarta designs, composite weaves, patterns, (repeating patterns), and also the ultra-realistic fabric simulations (textures), processed with our special proprietary technique.


If you are a Fashion Designer or an Interior Designer looking for new ideas, and you want to speed up your creativity, this is the perfect section for you.
In fact here you will find divided by type the repeatable patterns (designs) ready to use for your needs. All our patterns are immediately usable, perfectly repeatable, of professional quality carefully studied and made with the best techniques. Each pattern is available in multiple file formats from jpg to vector. You will also be free to adapt or modify them according to your needs.
You will save a lot of time to use for your creativity.


This is the perfect section for 2D – 3D creators. We know very well that the final visual result is given by what textures cover 3D models or 2D images. So having quality, ready to use textile textures for your graphic creations is essential. Our fabric textures are all made through a multi-step process of our own making that has allowed us to develop ultra-realistic textures (our textures are NOT adaptations of fabric photos with all the limitations that this method imposes, as you will find in graphic libraries on the internet). By using our ultra realistic textures you will save a lot of time and improve your renderings.

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Designs For Textiles was born in 2020 as a
new and innovative project of Nick Media Designs©.

From tradition to innovation, thanks to a perfect combination of experience and modernity.
Experts in the realization of every kind of fabric designs, from sketches to messincarta for Jacquard and healds loom,
passing to the most modern techniques of simulation and 3D rendering of fabrics.