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Textures and Applied Textures for 2D & 3D Creators

Add Super Realism



With the use of our Textures you can add remarkable realism to your 3D images and objects, with a simulation of fabric weave in Jacquard technique. Thanks to these particular textures, you’ll far exceed the limit of the normal flat patterns you’ll find on other websites. The most obvious use is for covering 3D objects or even photos, such as t-shirts, pants, ties, pillows, bedspreads, and everything in fabric.
Moreover, thanks to the use of Texture you can create for example for your online shop better images that represent real or virtual objects that you sell.

Last but not least our Textures are also perfect to use for 3D rendering of clothes or objects of 3D animated characters for the best realism of 3D movies and/or Cartoons.


To make your work of graphic and photographic compositions even easier, we have also created a section where you can find ready-made textiles with our textures already applied. Little by little you will find more and more types of objects, such as cushions, sofas, ties, curtains, and more.
All images with already applied textures are in png format with transparent background and high resolution. Thanks to the transparent background you won’t need to cut out the images as in many other cases, but you’ll have the images ready to use in your graphic compositions in all the ways you want. Each image is represented with the object in a position designed for use in many situations. Please note that there are NOT 3D models, but 2D models to be used for photographic or graphic applications of various kinds.

Give renewed realism to your graphic compositions

Applied Textures