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Our Vision

To be the first activity to propose high quality Jacquard textile designs, in an innovative way, through the internet.

Our Mission

To give the possibility to every person and company in the textile world, both real and virtual, to improve, speed up, grow and evolve their business with lower basic costs for the study and realization of textile designs.

Our Values

Safety : People should feel safe when using our products and services.
Quality: We want our products to be of the highest possible quality
Accuracy: The realization of each drawing must be as precise as possible
Collaboration: We are open to collaboration, because we think that union is the strength
Effectiveness: Every thought, project, action must be best done by evaluating every point of view.

Designs for Textiles was born in July 2020 from a brand new idea of Stefano Nicastro, Italian technical expert specialized in the textile field and specifically in Jacquard designs. After a long experience gained in over 25 years in the textile sector, and having worked in the sector both in production and quality control and in the study of fabrics and artmature, which in CAD and creation, he decided to start this new innovative project, to help also give new impetus to the textile sector.

Designs For Textiles di Stefano Nicastro – Via Petrarca 21 – 22100 – Como – Italia