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Patterns for Fashion & Interior Designers


Thanks to the use of repeatable patterns, you can create your own compositions in a short time. 
The repeatable patterns have been specially designed as designs perfectly suited for use in textile graphics for both printing and Jacquard.
The repeatable patterns can also be used in any other field, both in repeat mode and in the basic ratio. Therefore you can also use them for graphic creations and to be used by printing them both on real and virtual objects (3D rendering), or for the world of web graphics, and more.

Our repeatable patterns, in some cases have a very special feature, unobtainable in other websites of repeatable and non-repeatable patterns: they have been realized with various types of proportions between X and Y, the most used and common ones, in the Jacquard weaving field. All this will be really very useful and you will save time, since you don’t have to edit the 1:1 sketch, as it normally happens, to correct it to the different proportions between warp and weft.

Speed up your creativity

Repeatable Patterns