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Large Geometric background Patterns

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In this category you will find our geometric background patterns in medium and large sizes. These geometric designs art  are made with the best care and are designed for multiple uses for fashion designers and interior designers.

The feature present in all these patterns whether it is simple geometric design or more complex is their perfect repeatability both horizontally and vertically. In practice they are repeating patterns (repeated), and perfect to be used for every need in which you have to repeat several times the design in a perfect way.

All the large geometric patterns of this category are thought first of all with a textile design (for fabrics), but in most cases they can be used to cover, print objects of any kind as you will see in the examples of application present in each geometric pattern.

We also want to answer some basic questions that many people ask about geometric designs/patterns:

What is a geometric pattern?

A geometric pattern is a type of pattern made up of one or more geometric shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, trapezoids and other more complex shapes that are generally arranged in various positions either detached or attached and also that can be intertwined, overlapped and more… There is no real limit in combining the various geometric shapes to make a geometric pattern, only imagination.

What are geometric patterns used for?

Geometric patterns are often used to create both simple and complex designs to reproduce patterns that are repeated on a surface and to give an appearance of a certain regularity, cleanliness and precision. Today, geometric patterns are normally drawn by computer and are often made to create designs for textiles and for designs suitable for interior design to cover the surface of various objects both real and virtual of all kinds.

What shapes are commonly used in a geometric design?

The most used shapes in geometric patterns are:
squares and rectangles, which are the simplest and the easiest both to draw and to combine together.
circles and ellipses, perfect for their curvilinear shape that expresses a great sense of balance and “softness”.
triangles, very useful for making all compositions with angles other than 90 degrees or 180 degrees.
trapeziums, which are a kind of mix between triangles and rectangles.
rhombuses, which are very useful to represent objects similar to jewelry, but not only.
pentagons, with a very particular shape with 5 equal sides of which two are pointed and the others less angled.
hexagons, octagons, etc., which could be thought of as stylized “circles”, which with the increase of their faces of equal length get closer and closer to a circle, and are very useful in many situations where the circle is not suitable because you want a less soft shape, but still circular.
In addition there are a number of other more specific geometric shapes such as stars, full spirals, and more.

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