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Diagonal Rectangles Texture DT-00037-GG-TX

DT-00037-GP-TX is a Diagonal Rectangles Texture of fabric simulation of amazing quality, perfect to be used in 3D rendering with a highly photorealistic result.
In this Diagonal Rectangles Texture (repeating texture), you see the wonderful simulation of the Jacquard type fabric effect with a combination of diagonal rectangles in different weaves effect.

You can use this Diagonal Rectangles Texture to cover your 3D objects and give them an absolutely realistic look.

As you can see from the sample images you can use this Diagonal Rectangles Texture in so many ways and create your rendering, images or videos with super realistic look!

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fine Diagonal Rectangles Texture DT-00037-GG-TX

Diagonal Rectangles Texture is available in the colored 4 versions as shown in the sample image, and is in high quality jpg format at 600 dpi for standard license and 2400 dpi for premium license and premium license plus.
It is also possible to modify  Micro Squares Shade Texture colors, and the easiest way is by changing the tonality of the colors as a whole, as you can do with photo retouching programs like photoshop or others.

The texture is available in three license types:
Standard, Premium, Premium Plus.
Depending on the type of license you have purchased, you are allowed  to use texture in specific modes.

What is included with the purchased?


Standard license (NO commercial):

Jpg Textures – 600 dpi – (4 colors variants)
Documentations for informations and license


Premium license (commercial):

Jpg Textures – 2400 dpi – (4 colors variants)
Documentations for informations and license


Premium license PLUS – (with Textures Maps – commercial):

Jpg Textures – 2400 dpi – (4 colors variants)
Textures Maps : diffuse (base color), height (displacement), normal, edge, smoothness (or roughness if negative), ao
Documentations for informations and license


To learn about all the features and differences of the various licenses, you can go to the relevant information page on the website here: licenses

The premium license plus package is perfect for PBR Texturing in 3D rendering for use with many softwares like Marvelous Designer, CLO 3D, iClone, Character Creator, Substance Painter, Blender, Maya, ArmorPaint, 3ds Max, Modo, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, Unity, and many others.

DT-00037-GP-TX is derived from the repeatable pattern DT-00037-GP-MO



The images called as “example of application”, are purely illustrative. They are intended to show how the texture would look if repeated on the example surface type. The texture can be applied and used on any surface and/or object you wish according to your need and/or taste.

– With the purchase you will find the texture in various colors and other informative documentations. THE “EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION” ARE NOT PRESENT, AND THE CLOTHES, GARMENTS AND SO ON,  ARE NOT  INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE.

Move the 3D texture to see it at 360°

-Use mouse wheel (zoom in/out)
Use the left mouse (rotate 360°)
Click on the X icon under 3D (full screen on/off)
Click on the circular arrow under 3D (auto rotation on/off)

 — on mobile use fingers for move and zoom —



Standard License, Premium License, Premium License Plus (Maps)

Large geometric distances

Large geometric layouts

Large geometric type

N large geometric

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