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Floral Jacquard Design DT-00004-FL-DI

DT-00004-FL-DI is a ready to use floral Jacquard design, with a structure made with satin in triple fabric (triple weft).
This professional cloths design (floral design) is perfect for speed up a lot the realization of you collections, and accelerate the fabric production and save a lot of your work time.

All the weaves selected in this  Floral Jacquard Design was studied and correctly processed by textile technician to be subsequently transformed into loom cards for production and/or sampling on Jacquard looms.


Threads x cm: 114 (similar values such as 112 can also be used).
Wefts x cm: 3×32
Size : 21 x 21 cm
Loom frame (opera) : 1200 x 2 = 2400 hooks (DOUBLE MACHINE)
Loom frame (total): 1344 x 2 = 2688 hooks (DOUBLE MACHINE)
Jacquard machine: Verdol

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Floral Jacquard Design ( messincarta ) DT-00004-FL-DI has already been tested on loom with silk organzine warp yarn 20/22 and with weft 6 capi silk binato type yarn (around 130 Td – den).

We recommend always, to weave a test sample with your own looms
in order to avoid any kind of problem NOT predictable, which could be attributed to details, and different settings of your looms, different yarns, or other, compared to our tests.


Important, please read the text below before purchasing:

Designs For Textiles guarantees that each of its designs is technically correct, but can not guarantee that there may be no “malfunctions” if used on a loom in a way that is not perfectly correct according to its technical characteristics, construction and type of yarns.
In any case, Desgins For Textiles cannot be held responsible for any error or damage due to weaving problems of any kind.
We would like to remind you that it is essential always to test the loom design before any production.

To learn more about our terms and conditions click HERE.

By purchasing the design you agree to our terms and conditions


What is included with the purchased?

Jacquard Designs  license (commercial):

Jacquard design in two versions
(with change shuttles /regulator stops and wihout them)
Reading note for the subsequent transformation to loom cards
Documentations and licence for use.

To know all the features and differences of the various licenses, you can go to the relevant information page on the website.


Before you buy this Floral Jacquard Design, do you want to make sure you understand what kind of files you’ll get so you can try them freely?

Download our free sample Jacquard design HERE


If you are interested also at the FABRIC SIMULATION for your virtual sample or for his printing,, you can find it HERE. (Soon ready)


The images called as “example of application”, are purely illustrative. They intend to show how the Jacquard design would be woven after being transformed into the corresponding examples of possible use. The Jacquard design can be used as your need and/or taste, however following the right tecnichs utilization.

– With the purchase you will have the Jacquard design and other informative and tecnichs documentations. THE “EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION” ARE NOT PRESENT, AND THE CLOTHES, GARMENTS AND SO ON,  ARE NOT  INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE.


Jacquard Designs license

Floreal patterns type

Floreal patterns distances

Floreal patterns dimensions

Floreal patterns number

Size (X-cm) Fl patt for print

Size (Y-cm) Fl patt for print

Threads x cm

Wefts x cm

Number of threads size

Frame Loom

Primary fabric type

, ,

Alternative fabric type

Stop regulators

With lancè

Weft design type

Double Warp

Dim(X-punti) motivi floreali

Size (Y-p) Floreal patterns