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Repeating pattern (bars) DT-00001-BA-MO – Gratis

DT-00001-BA-MO is a repeating bars pattern design with reps and chevron effect suitable for multiple uses.

This repeating pattern is perfect for use in many situations:

 Trasforming in Jacquard designs
Creating compositions for scrapbooking
Printing or repeating printing over all kind of material
to cover every kind of 2d image
Rendering over 3D objects
and more..

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This fabric pattern is supplied in the 9 colors as you see in the image for jpg and png pack, instead for vector version in the pack ther is only one color.

In this repeating pattern is possibile modify colors using any kind of painting software or textile CAD software, and for vector version with software as Illustrator or Inkscape (open source software) and so on.

DT-00001-BA-MO is  available in 4 different license types:

Standard, Premium, Vector, and  Textile Jacquard.
Depending on the type of license you have purchased, you will find different files and different types of use allowed.

What is included with the FREE DOWNLOAD?


Standard license (NO commercial):

Pattern (jpg) – 145 dpi –  (p1:1) – (9 different colors variant)
Documentations for informations and license


Premium license (commercial):

Pattern (jpg) – 289 dpi – (p1:1) – (9 different colors variant)
Documentations for informations and license


Vector license  – (commercial):

Pattern (svg) – (1 color variant) – 3 kind of files: (Inkscape svg, standard svg, separate layers svg)
Pattern(png) – (1 color variant)
Documentations for informations and license

Inkscape svg have different layer for each color – standard svg have only one layer


Textiles Jacquard license  – (commercial):

Pattern (png) – (p1:1) – (9 different colors variant)
Pattern (png) – (114:36)
Documentations for informations and license


For To know the differences of the various licenses, you can go to the relevant information page on the website.


The images called as “example of application”, are purely illustrative. They are intended to show how the pattern would look if repeated on the example surface type. The pattern can be applied and used on any surface and/or object you wish according to your need and/or taste.
– With the purchase you will find the pattern in various colors and other informative documentations. THE “EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION” ARE NOT PRESENT, AND THE CLOTHES, GARMENTS, OBJECTS,  ARE NOT  INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE.


Standard license, Premium license, Vector license, Textiles Jacquard license

Number Bars Patterns

Number of bars colors

Size (X-P)-bars patt-145dpi

Size (Y-P)-bars patt-145dpi

Size (X-P)-bars patt-289dpi

Size (Y-P)-bars patt-289dpi

Size (X-P)-bars patt-vector

Size (Y-P)-bars patt-vector

Size (X-cm) Ba patt for print

Size (Y-cm) Ba patt for print