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What can I find on your web site?

In our web site specialized in fabric designs, you can find 3 types of designs: Jacquard Designs, Repeating Patterns, Fabric Texture.

Does Designs For Textiles only sell through an online store?

Yes, our project has been specially designed to minimize waste, time and costs. This has allowed us to give a product of the highest quality at a price that other companies that create designs for fabrics can not offer, for their high management costs.

Does Designs For Textiles have a main office that I can physically go to if I need to?

Designs For Textiles is a very modern project that was born with a decentralized system of management, thanks to modern technologies. Therefore we don’t really have a central office but different personal units that united in a decentralized online network collaborate to provide the best product and service to our customers and in the fastest way possible. This methodology allows us to give the best service and product, both in terms of implementation and online support. Moreover, for the type of product we propose, this methodology is perfect.

Has Design For Textiles been around long?

Designs For Textiles as a project was born in mid-2020, but it comes from an experience gained in over 20 years of work in the textile industry, and that allows us to have the highest operational and product quality thanks to a considerable experience in both textile and technology. A combination that has given birth to an innovative and unique project, Design For Textiles!

What are Jacquard designs?

Jacquard designs are special technical designs used to represent the evolution of the weave of a Jacquard type fabric. They are the basis for the subsequent weaving of a fabric using Jacquard looms.

Who uses Jacquard Designs?

Jacquard designs are used by the weaving mills/textile companies that produce the fabric.

What are the Jacquard Designs used for?

Jacquard designs, which are the graphic coding of a fabric, are used to later create the cards, i.e. the data that a Jacquard loom needs in order to automatically weave a fabric.

Who needs Jacquard designs?

Jacquard designs serve all professionals working in the textile industry, in textile companies, which produce Jacquard fabrics.

Can Jacquard designs be useful in other graphics areas?

No, because their graphical representation is mainly of a technical nature and is not directly usable in other areas, unless specifically converted to “normal” drawing.

Are Jacquard designs also defined by other words?

Yes, the most used and ancient term to define them in the technical field is: MESSINCARTA JACQUARD, which is a word in the Italian language.

Why has the word MESSINCARTA become the symbol of technical design for textiles in the West?

Because historically Italy, over a long period of time, has become the leading nation in the production of Jacquard fabrics and also of other types, thanks to the particular quality, creativity, technological and product development of its fabrics, at a worldwide level.

What are repeating patterns?

Repeated patterns are designs of any kind that have the peculiar characteristic of being able to be repeated in every X and Y direction with a perfect continuity of the design.

Who uses Repeatable Patterns

Repeatable Patterns are suitable for anyone who creates designs, but specifically they are perfect for fashion designers, interior designers and textile and graphic design companies of any kind.

What is the purpose of Repeatable Reasons?

Repeatable Patterns are useful for any creative graphic design, but specifically they are indispensable when the design must be repeated several times in a continuous manner.

Who needs Repeatable Patterns?

Repeatable Patterns are mainly used for those who need to continuously repeat the design such as for fashion designers on fabrics, and interior designers on various objects.

What are fabric textures?

Our fabric textures are the realistic simulation of a fabric of any type, realized thanks to mathematical calculations to reconstruct each type of fabric and its design in a photorealistic way.

Who uses fabric textures?

Fabric Textures are used by textile companies, textile studios, design studios, professionals in the fields indicated as fashion designers, interior designers, and in addition are used in the new world of 3D rendering and therefore by all creators of 3D images and videos.

What are Fabric Textures used for?

Fabric Textures have the very important purpose of virtually representing the appearance of a fabric or object covered with it, to quickly propose images or videos of real products but created with computers, as in the case of 3D rendering.
Today they are perfect and essential to propose to the customer a photorealistic preview of the product before it is actually made, greatly reducing costs and timing of design and testing.

How can I use Fabric Textures?

Fabric Textures can be used in many ways: through normal graphics programs for 2D graphic compositions, through 3D software to be applied to 3D objects.

What file formats do you use for Fabric Textures?

All our Fabric Textures are offered in jpg format of high and very high quality, depending on the purpose. We also provide the version with graphic maps to be easily used to compose PBR materials used for the best photorealistic renderings available with today’s technologies.

What software is best suited to use Fabric Textures?

The most suitable software are all those that allow you to use textures of any kind to cover the various 3D objects. For example: Marvelous designer, CLO3D, 3ds max, Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Unity, Character Creator, and many others like it.

What can I find in your shop?

In our shop you will find 3 types of designs, all related to the world of weaving, fashion and interior design: Jacquard designs, Repeating patterns, Photorealistic fabric textures.

In your online shop can I find free samples to try out your designs?

Yes of course, in our online shop there are some free examples to download at this link: free designs

I saw that all the designs you propose have various licenses, how to choose them?

First of all, we recommend that you read in detail the characteristics of the various licenses that you find on this page.
However, in general, the designs with standard licenses have a “standard” quality, even if already for professional use, and are generally for web/personal/advertising use, while the other types of licenses have an even higher visual quality of the design and allow a commercial use of the product. (That is, you can resell your creations/products that use our designs)

What happens if I accidentally purchase a design with a license that is not appropriate for my use?

In case you buy a standard license at a lower price and want to buy a higher license, you can contact us from HERE, and we will activate the procedures to send you the new files after payment of the difference in price of the higher license.
In case you purchase a higher priced license, the reverse process does not take place, i.e. we do not refund the difference in price of a lower license because the higher license already has all the files (in better quality) with additional files added in some cases compared to the standard license.

If I purchase a design, but later realize it wasn’t what I wanted, can I change it?

Unfortunately not, since we cannot return the purchased design, since they are computer files, we cannot logically make an exchange because you would have with a single purchase two or more different designs. Therefore, before buying a design, evaluate well if it is the one you want, since you have all the information and many sample images that make it easy to understand the type of design, the final result, even with more practical examples.

I can return a purchased design and get my money back.

Unfortunately not, as you have all the data and very clear preview images to be able to understand 100% if it’s the type of design for you. In case you have doubts before buying you can always download the free designs from HERE, to evaluate and experience their use and other information before buying a paid design. So before buying choose what really interests you.

I’ve downloaded the purchased drawings but they don’t work, I can’t find them, or other similar problems, how can I fix it?

If you have problems with the downloaded files, first of all you can try to unzip the downloaded file again to try to solve the error, or you can download again from your customer profile in your bulletin board in our site and unzip the archive file containing the files again, or if this also does not solve your specific problem, you can contact us through the form at the bottom of this page to expose your problem and we will solve it.

How do I use the files? After downloading I see a single file with the extension .zip. I don’t know how to do it.

All the designs have been compressed into a single file that contains the folder with all the purchased files. To use them you have to unzip the files in your computer in a folder of your choice. If you use Windows you can do it directly with the procedure that Windows proposes, if you have Mac the same. Otherwise you can also download for example the free software 7zip (from this link) and use this program to easily unzip your purchased designs.

What are materials for unreal engine?

Unreal Engine materials are basically special textures ready to be applied to any 3D object that can be used in the famous Unreal Engine, which is used to create the latest generation of videogames, architecture, environments, and more with photo-realistic quality in real time.
To learn more about Unreal Engine go to the official website of the software: UNREAL ENGINE

What kind of materials for Unreal Engine can I find on the Designs For Textiles site?

The materials we provide are derived from our hyper-realistic textures with 14 different color variants ready for any type of design, and also are fully customizable in various colors for a virtually “infinite” number of color combinations. (The customization of colors is possible through Unreal Engine)

Where do I find your materials for Unreal Engine?

You can find the materials by going to the shop menu of our site in the “Unreal Engine Materials” category. or directly by going to the Unreal Engine website in its marketplace, and finally directly from the Unreal Engine software, again through their marketplace.

Where do I find instructions for learning how to customize material colors?

Instructions for learning how to customize the colors of the materials can be found on the page: unreal engine DFT materials instructions

Can’t find answers to your questions in the FAQ?

Then contact us via the following support form and ask us your question!

Our Help Desk is operative from Monday to Friday.