Terms And Conditions

1.Scope of the application

The terms and conditions that are established between Designs for Textiles (now referred to as “DFT”) and the user (customer, now referred to as “Licensee”) of the online DFT site are exclusively subject to the following terms and conditions at the time of the conclusion of the relevant agreement (license purchase).

2.Registration and user account

Registration on the DFT website is totally free of charge and is required to be able to purchase designs under license.
Registration on our site has the sole purpose of allowing us to properly manage sales of designs and to allow the user (Licensee) to have a clear history of his orders, purchases, etc.
Registration on the site alone does not entitle DFT to send advertising by email or other means to you, unless you give your consent, by subscribing to our newsletter or by direct request (including by sending us a simple email).
Upon completion of the resitration process, you will receive an unlimited user account. It will be the licensee’s responsibility to provide, when requested, the correct data for the proper functioning of his account and for the proper management of his purchases.

The purchase of design licenses is subject to the conclusion of additional contracts called licenses (see all licenses HERE). You have the right to request at any time that DFT delete your registration and thus your user account and deactivate your user name and password. This request must be made by email: info@desings-for-textiles.com
Please note that by deleting your account you will no longer be able to verify the history of your orders and purchases.

3.Conclusion of the contract

The agreement between DFT and the Licensee will take place only when the licensee has correctly purchased the designs (with the relevant license chosen when placing the design(s) in the cart), at the time of payment, receipt of the purchase confirmation and also the download of the files.

4.Payment terms

The prices of the designs are in EURO or in other currencies if available as a choice, depending on the licensee’s place of residence. DFT accepts two types of payment methods: Paypal or credit card.

The amount invoiced when using a credit card will be debited from your bank account on the date of contract with your credit card provider, which is often and normally about one month after payment by credit card (check with your credit card provider for the correct debit times). The management of payments is carried out with total security thanks to the innovative technologies of Paypal, leader in the world of electronic payment systems.

5.Other duties of the licensee

The account access data, i.e. login name and password, must only be used by the licensee or if used by another person, the latter must have the full consent of the licensee (DFT in any case, assumes no liability for any damage created by other persons, for misuse of access data, even if authorized by the licensee).
However, it is NOT recommended to give free access to other people other than the licensee, and therefore it is recommended to treat your data with the utmost secrecy and it is not a good choice to disclose it to third parties.

Personal access data must be changed at regular intervals for security reasons. If the Licensee has reason to believe that any unauthorized third parties have obtained such access data, the Licensee will be required to change such data immediately.

Personal access data must not be stored in any way or by any means, unless it is encrypted The licensee may not retaliate against DFT under any circumstances for the improper use of his personal data or for the improper use of DFT services, either by the licensee or third parties on his behalf or not.

6.Designs for Textiles Rights

  • DFT shall have the right to terminate, suspend, or block your user account, even without notice, for any reason it deems valid for the protection of DFT’s business or as necessary.
  • DFT reserves the right to change any design prices, services, and other activities on the site at any time, as required by DFT.
  • DFT has the right to take legal action in the event that any third party and/or company, defamatory behavior, unfair competition, improper use, illegal or out of the type of license allowed after the purchase of its products, or any other manner outside the law, that is causing economic and/or other damages to DFT.

7.Exclusion of liability

Even if DFT proposes in its online shop only products of its own property and realization, it cannot guarantee an absolute and total exclusivity from the graphic side of repeatable patterns and their derivatives.
As it is easily understandable, especially in the graphic and textile world, the possibility of running into similar past or present designs all over the world could happen, even for random reasons.
In any case, since DFT’s designs are licensed NON-exclusively, it is very likely that more users around the world will be able to use the same designs, with full rights to use them, even if they are perfectly the same, according to the type of license purchased.

7b . About Jacquard Designs

DFT guarantees that each of its designs is technically correct, but can not guarantee that there may be no “malfunctions” if used on a loom in a way that is not perfectly correct according to its technical characteristics, construction and type of yarn.
In any case, Desgins For Textiles cannot be held responsible for any error or damage due to weaving problems of any kind. We would like to remind you that it is essential to always test the loom design before any production.


DFT guarantees that each of its designs is technically correct and free from defects. But in the unfortunate event that defects of any kind have escaped DFT’s careful inspection, or caused by unforeseen problems (such as download data transfer problems), the licensee has the right and duty to notify DFT of the defect(s).

You must notify DFT immediately, or no later than 7 days after the download, of any technical defect(s) or NON correspondence of the design with the example clearly visible on the site.
After 7 days DFT will consider the designs accepted.

In any case DFT, does not provide and does not grant any kind of refund of the design(s) after the purchase in the chosen license, what is provided is the replacement of the files in case of defects of any nature.

The only case in which DFT provides for a refund or payment compounding (in reduction or increase), if the licensee by mistake had purchased a license not suitable for his use and wanted instead to use a different license of the same design.
In this case DFT will replace the type of license and/or files connected to the license, and refund the difference (if the replacement license has a lower price), or before the replacement, it will require compensation for the greater piece of license of greater value.


DFT informs you that for technical and commercial reasons, it collects, processes and uses the personal data provided by the licensee, but does not pass it on to any other company, partner or otherwise.

You should therefore be aware that your purchase from DFT’s online shop will result in your data being sent to DFT.

You can find a complete and clear privacy policy on the following page: Privacy Policy