DFT Materials for Unreal Engine


DFT materials for Unreal Engine are derived from our hyper-realistic fabric textures.
These materials were made with various parameters that can be modified through the use of material instances, and allow you to customize many characteristics of the fabric material.

The customizable material features are as follows:


Each material fabric as you can see from the examples on the site, is composed of specific designs with realistic fabric weave effect and various colors.
In the materials for Unreal Engine we have given the possibility to personalize every color of the yarn that composes the simulation of the fabric, and this allows an almost infinite combination of colors, being able to create all the variations of color that you want.


This parameter allows you to adjust the size of the texture repeat on your 3D object according to your needs.

(X and Y)

These two parameters allow you to translate either in X or in Y the texture in case you want to position the drawing in a customized way on the 3D object.

Normal map Intensity

This parameter allows you to modify, thanks to the normal maps, the effect of the thickness of the surface of the fabric to your liking (consider that the values set by us are already those generally optimal).

Roughness map intensity

This parameter allows you to change the intensity of the roughness parameter, which as you should know is used to vary the opacity / brightness of the material. (Also in this case the values we set are generally optimal, but you can vary them to your liking)

AO Intensity

This parameter allows you to change the intensity of ambient occlusion (also in this case the set values are generally optimal, but you can change them to your liking).


As you probably know, tesselation is used to create that effect of greater three-dimensionality of a 3D object covered with a texture, according to the characteristics of the latter. In this case we recommend that you do not change the parameters we set since wrong parameters can make the 3D effect of the texture unreal.However, you can experiment with modifications for your own use.The parameters of tesseletion are the standard ones normally used in unreal engine materials.

Contrast Ground

By varying this parameter you can change the contrast of the fabric background. It is useful to be able to change the light/dark appearance of the fabric.

Final Contrast

By varying the value of this parameter you manage the overall contrast of the whole material. This parameter is also useful for changing the general appearance of light/dark.

Final Luminosity

It is used to change the general brightness of the material, to make all colors lighter or darker.

Luminosity noise

It is used to change the brightness of the noise effect textures, which results in greater realism by creating color randomness in microdots. Changing the brightness of the noise effect is used to make it more evident or less evident. If it is lighter it is less noticeable with light colors, if it is darker it is less noticeable with dark colors of the material, and vice versa.

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